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Professeur à l'Université Paris 7
Adresse postale :
UMR 7110,
CNRS-Université Paris 7 Paris Diderot,
Case 7031, 5, rue Thomas Mann,
75205 Paris cedex 13.
Adresse physique :
Bât Olympe de Gouges
8, rue Albert Einstein – 75013 Paris
Téléphone: (+33)(0)1 57 27 57 71
E-mail: jean.lowenstamm at linguist.jussieu.fr

Intérêts de recherche:

Phonologie, morphologie, morphosyntaxe, langues afroasiatiques.

Publications récentes:

Mohand Guerssel & Jean Lowenstamm, 1996. `Ablaut in Classical Arabic Measure I Active Verbal Forms. In J. Lecarme, J. Lowenstamm & U. Shlonsky (eds), Studies in Afroasiatic Grammar, The Hague: Holland Academic Graphics, 123-134. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 1996. `CV as the Only Syllable Type', in Current Trends in Phonology Models and Methods, Jacques Durand & Bernard Laks (eds.), European Studies Research Institute, University of Salford, pp. 419-442. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 1999. `The beginning of the Word'. In John R. Renison and Klaus Kühnammer (eds), Phonologika 1996: Syllables !?, The Hague: Thesus 153-166. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 2000. `The Image of a Segment'. in Naturally ! Linguistic Studies in Honour of Wolfgang Ulrich Dressler Presented on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday C. Schaner-Wolles, J. Rennison, F. Neubarth (eds.) Rosenberg & Sellier, Torino. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 2000. `The No straddling Effect and its Interpretation: A Formal Property of Chaha 2nd Feminine Singular Formation'. In J. Lecarme, J. Lowenstamm & U. Shlonsky (eds), Research in Afroasiatic Grammar, Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 183-198. Image numérisée

Jean Lowenstamm, 2003. Remarks on Mutae cum Liquida and Branching Onsets, in Living on the Edge, 28 Papers in Honor of Jonathan Kaye, Stefan Ploch (ed.), Studies in Generative Grammar 62, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin New York 339-363. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 2003. À propos des gabarits. Recherches Linguistiques de Vincennes No 32. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm 2005. Handout of seminar given at the Sounds of Silence Conference, Tilburg University, October 2005. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm (sous presse). «La phonologie métrique», in History of the Language Sciences (Auroux, S., K. Koerner, H-J Niederehe, K. Versteegh, eds.), Walter de Gruyter, Berlin. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 2007. On Little n, ROOT, and Types of Nouns: in The Sounds of Silence: Empty Elements in Syntax and Phonology, eds. Jutta Hartmann, Veronika Hegedus, Henk van Riemsdjik. Amsterdam: Elsevier. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 2010. An Introductory Note to Noam Agmon's `Materials and Language', with Special Attention to the Issue of Biliteral Roots. Brill's Annual of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics 2 (2010) 1-22. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 2010. Derivational Affixes as Roots (Phasal Spellout meets English Stress Shift). Ms., LLF. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 2011. The Phonological Pattern of phi-features in the Perfective Paradigm of Moroccan Arabic. Ms., LLF. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 2012. Feminine and Gender, or Why the Feminine Profile of French Nouns has Nothing to Do with Gender. Linguistic Inspirations. Edmund Gussmann in memoriam, Eugeniusz Cyran, Henryk Kardela, and Bogdan Szymanek (eds.), Wydawnictwo Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski, Lublin, pp. 371-406. PDF

Jean Lowenstamm, 2012. `German Umlaut, an Outline of a Minimalist Account'. PDF


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