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Post-doc "Langage des signes"

Position and project

One postdoc position in sign language linguistics is available.

This is part of SIGN-HUB, a 4-year research project (2016-2020) funded by the European Commission within Horizon 2020 Reflective Society 2015, Research and Innovation actions. SIGN-HUB has been designed by a European research team to provide an innovative and inclusive resource hub for the linguistic, historical and cultural documentation of the Deaf communities’ heritage and for sign language assessment in clinical intervention and school settings.

The postdoc will be inscribed in the work package “Assessment” (p.i. Caterina Donati and Naama Friedmann), which will develop reliable tools to assess sign language impairments in signing populations that are able to distinguish between poor performance due to late language learning and poor performance as a result of a language disorder. We will build assessment tools for the following sign languages: LIS, LSF, ISL, LSC and LSE, and develop general guidelines for the development of similar tools in other sign languages.


Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (Université Paris-Diderot).

The host laboratory, the Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (LLF), is an interdisciplinary research laboratory linked to the Department of Linguistics (UFR Linguistique) at the Université Paris Diderot. The LLF brings together researchers from computational, experimental, theoretical, and descriptive linguistics.


The ideal candidate for the postdoc position will have a strong background in theoretical linguistics, sign language linguistics, syntax and/or semantics, and an advanced competence of at least two sign languages included in the project.


The postdoc will have defended their dissertation by the start date. The start date is January 2018. The submission deadline is strict and urgent, since visa processing can take some time for non-EU applicants.

Start date: January 1, 2018
Duration: 12 months, with possible extension for an additional 12 months. 
Deadline: November 25 2017
Interview (skype): November 27 2017


To apply, send an email to Caterina Donati with the following:

  • an attached CV
  • an attached, brief, combined cover letter/statement of interest/short research statement situating the position within the postdoc's own research goals
  • names and emails of your recommendation letter writers

Have at least two and no more than three letters of reference sent independently to the same

Internship on French corpus annotation

The LLF lab is willing to recruit students between January and September 2018 to correct syntactic annotations (categories, functions…) in actual french corpora (excerpts from the national daily Le Monde, transcription of France Inter programs), following the rules of the French Treebank corpus.

Grade: L3, M1 ou M2

Wages: internship compensations or extras

Additional informations: This work is eligible to an internship report. Homeworking and flexible working hours to negotiate.

Contact: Send resumé and cover letter before December 2017, the 1st to Anne Abeillé