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Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grant Meet-up

Apply for a visit in Paris and build a successful project with a world-leading research team!

Are you a post-doc or experienced researcher and would you like to widen your experience with a stay in a French research unit? Are you ready for a new challenge and an international career? Do you want to broaden your network and position yourself as an independent researcher? Then you may join for 24 or 36 months the Formal Linguistics Lab (Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle, CNRS, Univ Paris Diderot). The lab offers the following four research projects  for the following call for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grant Meet-up:

  • Anne ABEILLE : Experimental syntax. Recent research has shown the relevance of a fine-grained view of graded acceptability. A degraded sentence may not be part of our grammar, challenge our processing capacity, or be inappropriate in the current discourse. Our aim will be to determine the respective weight of these factors for phenomena central to syntactic theories from a cross-linguistic perspective using corpus analyses and experimental data. The project will be co-supervised by Barbara Hemforth, in collaboration with Ted Gibson (MIT). (Syntax, experimental linguistics, graded acceptability)
  • Ewan DUNBAR : Empirical studies of linguistic discrimination in France. We invite international candidates with a background in linguistic variation to develop a research project studying linguistic variation and linguistic discrimination in France. Projects based on large-scale corpus phonetics, and/or on performing empirical work (psycholinguistic or other) quantifying the effects of linguistic discrimination would be particularly welcome. Candidate would be co-supervised by Heather Burnett and work in close collaboration with other members the Parisian linguistic research community. (Sociolinguistics, French, linguistic discrimination)
  • Jonathan GINZBURG : Integrating dialogue and probabilistic semantics. Recent work has shown how vagueness, modality, and a variety of pragmatic inferences can be captured rigorously and subject to experimental testing using probabilistic meanings. This project will address the challenge, so far unmet, of integrating such work with contemporary dialogue semantics, that offers detailed models of context and serves as the theoretical basis for spoken dialogue systems. (Dialogue, probabilistic semantics, dialogue systems)
  • Chris REINTGES : Greenberg’s Lineage: Revisiting the morphological and syntactic parallels between the Afroasiatic and Celtic Verb–Initial Languages. J. Greenberg’s (1963) work first noted the significant parallels between the Celtic and Afroasiatic VSO languages. Based on a refined typology, the project will reassess the Celtic/Afroasiatic parallels in morphology and syntax, both synchronically and diachronically, the latter including parallel grammaticalization paths. (Linguistic typology, Afroasiatic languages, Celtic languages.

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