On learnability of syntax

Mardi 16 Janvier 2018, 14:30 to 16:30
Carlo Cecchetto et Giorgio Magri (SFL/CNRS)

ODG – Salle 644

In this session of the reading group we will read the following two papers, which empirically investigate (with somewhat different results) Chomsky’s seminal claim that, since children cannot learn structure-dependent rules for question formation, structure-dependency must be an innate constraint.

  • Crain & Nakayama (2002) Structure dependence in grammar formation*. Language, *63, 522–543.
  • Ambridge, Rowland &  Pine (2008) Is Structure Dependence an Innate Constraint? New Experimental Evidence From Children’s Complex-Question Production*. Cognitive Science *32, 222–255.