Grammar in dialogue

TitreGrammar in dialogue
Publication TypeChapitre d'ouvrage
Année de publication2019
AuthorsLücking, Andy, and Stefan Müller
EditorGinzburg, Jonathan, Anne Abeillé, Robert Borsley, and Jean-Pierre Koenig
Series EditorCooper, Robin
Book TitleHead-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar: The handbook
PublisherLanguage Science Press

This chapter portrays some phenomena, technical developments and discussions that are pertinent to analysing natural language use in face-to-face interaction from the perspective of HPSG and closely related frameworks. The use of the context attribute in order to cover basic pragmatic meaning aspects is sketched. With regard to the notion of common ground, it is argued how to complement context
by a dynamic update semantics. Furthermore, this chapter discusses challenges posed by dialogue data such as clarification requests to constrained-based, model-theoretic grammars. Responses to these challenges in terms of a type-theoretical underpinning (TTR, a Type Theory with Records) of both the semantic theory and the grammar formalism are reviewed. Finally, the dialogue theory KoS that
emerged in this way from work in HPSG is sketched.

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