Fabiola Henri

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Fabiola Henri

Statut : Post-Doc, université du Kentucky

Adresse :

1301 Patterson Office Tower

E-mail : snovbyn.uraev@hxl.rqh

CV : Fabiola Henri_und.pdf (248 Ko)

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I am a native speaker of Mauritian, a French-based Creole spoken in Mauritius, an island off the South East coast of Madagascar. I received my PhD from the University of Denis Diderot Paris 7 in 2010,  where I worked with Anne Abeillé. My work focused verbal constructions in Mauritian and I have been honored to have hadIvan Sag on my dissertation committee. During graduate school, I had the chance to attend different summer and fall schools like the LSA at Stanford in 2007, the Journées Sémantique et Modélisation, EALING, Experimental Grammar, among others. I also taught many courses in France, in Mauritius and the US in various areas of Linguistics.

During the Fall of 2013 I have been working within the UK Linguistics Department in the following areas:

Grammatical Typology with Gregory Stump:

  • Guest Lecturing
  • Language consultation

Analysis of English Syntax with Andrew Hippisley:

  • Guest Lecturing


I am a creolist who's main area of interest is the morphology of French-based Creoles. Because of the widespread belief that these languages are simple languages compared to their lexifier, this particular domain has been sorely neglected. My work also includes morphology's interface with phonology, syntax and semantics/pragmatics. It is based on :

  • fieldwork and corpus data
  • both synchronic and diachronic
  • statistical methods

And I seek to provide theoretically-informed descriptions of the data at hand. The proposed analyses are couched within a contraint-based framework and is implemented as far as possible on a platform for grammar testing like LKB.