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Heather Burnett

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LLF, CNRS – UMR 7110
Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7
Case 7031 – 5, rue Thomas Mann,
75205 Paris cedex 13

Mail : urngure.fhfna.oheargg@tznvy.pbz

Site Web : http://www.heatherburnett.net/

Présentation générale

My work involves describing new patterns of structure, meaning and communication in natural languages, and then developing new mathematical tools for analyzing them.

Much of my research has focused on classic topics in natural language semantics, such as quantification, vagueness, gradability and negation; however, my more recent work studies properties of social meaning and sociolinguistic variation with a view to constructing an empirically well-founded, mathematically explicit and computationally implemented theory of identity construction through language. So far, my work in this area has been centred around the linguistic construction of regional, gender and sexual identity in France and Canada.

Although the tools and frameworks that I develop aim to capture aspects of the full range of human languages, my theoretical ideas are often first informed by my own dialectological and sociolinguistic fieldwork studies of languages of the Gallo-Romance family: varieties of French spoken in Canada and in France, historical varieties of French (particularly Old and Middle French), and endangered Gallo-Romance languages, both Oïl varieties (esp. Picard and Normand) and Occitan varieties (esp. Languedocien and Limousin). 

Projets de recherche

Labex EFL Opération SA4: Near Synonymy, Semantic Equivalence and Syntactic Variation (with B. Gehrke (LLF) & T. Nikitina (LLACAN))

SSHRC Insight Development grant: Variation et diglossie: Corpus et modélisation (collaborator, with M. Tremblay (Montréal) and H. Blondeau (Florida))

Procope grant "Many to One", Paris-Frankfurt.

Procope grant "ETAPS", Paris-Berlin.


B06: Langues naturelles, langages formels, in the Département d'Études Cognitives, ENS Paris (with S. Mascarenhas). Spring 2017.



Burnett, Heather. (2016).  Gradability in Natural Language: Logical and Grammatical Foundations.  Oxford Studies in Semantics and Pragmatics 7. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Journal articles

Burnett, Heather, Hilda Koopman and Sali Tagliamonte. (accepted). "Soft Syntax and the Evolution of Negative Quantifiers in the History of English". accepted in  Language Variation and Change.

Burnett, Heather. (accepted). "Signalling Games, Sociolinguistic Variation and the Construction of Style". accepted in  Linguistics & Philosophy.

Burnett, Heather. (2017). "Sociolinguistic Interaction and Identity Construction: The View from Game-Theoretic Pragmatics." Journal of Sociolinguistics.  22:1. 238-271.

Burnett, Heather. (2016). "Variation as a Testing Ground for Grammatical Theory: Variable Negative Concord in Montréal French".  Linguistic Variation. 16: 267-299. 

Burnett, Heather. (2015). "Comparison Across Domains in Delineation Semantics." Journal of Logic, Language and Information.  24:233-265.

Burnett, Heather. (2014). "A Delineation Solution to the Puzzles of Absolute Adjectives." Linguistics & Philosophy. 37:1-39. 

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Troberg, Michelle & Heather Burnett. (2014). "Le prédicat résultatif adjectival en français médiéval." Lingvisticae Investigationes.  37: 152-176.

Burnett, Heather. (2012). "The Role of Microvariation in the Study of Semantic Universals: Adverbial Quantifiers in European and Québec French." Journal of Semantics. 29:1-38.

Book chapters

Burnett, Heather. & Eric McCready (forthcoming). "Social Implicatures." in Claire Beyssade (ed.). Implicatures.  in the series  Foundational Concepts in the Philosophy of Language.​ ISTE Publications.

Burnett, Heather. & Peter Sutton. (accepted). "Vagueness and Natural Language Semantics."  to appear in L. Matthewson, C. Meier, H. Rullmann and T.E. Zimmermann (eds.).  Companion to Semantics.  Wiley's Linguistics Companion Series.

Caudal, Patrick, Heather Burnett & Michelle Troberg. (2016) Les facteurs de choix de l'auxiliaire en ancien français: étude qualitative et quantitative. in Benjamin Fagard and Sophie Prévost (eds.). Le français en diachronie. Dépendances syntaxiques, Morphosyntaxe verbale, Grammaticalisation. Berne : Peter Lang.

Michelle Troberg & Heather Burnett. (2016). "From Latin to Modern French: A Punctuated Shift." in press for E. Mathieu & R. Truswell (eds.). From Micro-Change to Macro-Change. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Burnett, Heather & Mireille Tremblay. (2014). "L'expression de la négation en français québécois: pantoute, polarité et mots-N." in Wim Remysen et al. (eds). Les français d'ici: du discours de l'autorité à la description des normes et des usages. Presses universitaires de Laval. pp. 261-290.

Burnett, Heather. (2013). "Structure événementielle et modification pragmatique: On connait-tu tout sur /tUt/?" in Davy Bigot, Michael Friesner and Mireille Tremblay (eds). Les français d'ici et d'aujourd'hui: Description, représentation et théorisation. Presses universitaires de Laval. pp. 211-230. 

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Burnett, Heather & Mireille Tremblay. (2012). ``Directionalité et aspect en ancien français: l'apport du système prépositionnel." in Mario Barra-Jover et al. (eds). Études de linguistique gallo-romane. Presses de l'Université de Vincennes. pp. 217-232. 

Burnett, Heather & Mireille Tremblay. (2012). "An Extra-Strong NPI?  Pantoute  in Québec French." in Thomas Graf, Denis Paperno, Anna Szabolsci & Jos Tellings (eds.) Theories of Everything: In Honor of Ed Keenan. UCLA Working Papers 17. pp. 35-42.

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Conference Proceedings

​Burnett, Heather & Anne Dagnac. (2016). Concordance négative optionnelle: contrastes forts et faibles entre picard et québécois. Pre-proceedings of the 5th Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française. Université François Rabelais. Tours, France.

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