L'emploi de la focalisation prosodique dans le jeu d'acteur

TitreL'emploi de la focalisation prosodique dans le jeu d'acteur
Publication TypeArticle dans des actes
Année de la conférence2014
AuthorsGodement-Berline, Rémi
Nom de la conférenceSWIP 3 - Swiss Workshop in Prosody
Date de publication09/2014
PublisherCahiers de linguistique française
Conference LocationGenève, Switzerland
Mots-clésacting, focus marking, prosodic highlighting

A corpus of occurrences of prosodic highlighting was put together by three experts out of a sample recording from two theatrical performances. The experts classified the occurrences in several functions, and the corpus was analyzed phonetically for the presence of the prosodic features that literature associates with these functions. The main finding was that a significant percentage of occurrences classified in the function of “insisting” displayed some features associated with the function of narrow focus marking, especially deaccenting. Further research is needed to verify this result, which, if it were confirmed, would have important pragmatic implications, as well as shed light on some characteristics of actors’ speech.