A Reference Grammar of Romanian

Dobrovie-Sorin, Carmin, Giurgea, Ion (eds.). – A Reference Grammar of Romanian: The noun phrase. – Vol.1. – Amsterdam : John Benjamins, 2013. – 900p. (Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 207)

  • Chapter 1. Introduction: Nominal features and nominal projections
    Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Ion Giurgea and Donka F. Farkas
  • Chapter 2. Bare nouns
    Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin
  • Chapter 3. The syntax of determiners and other functional categories
    Ion Giurgea
  • Chapter 4. The semantics of determiners
    Donka F. Farkas
  • Chapter 5. Pronouns
    Sanda Reinheimer Rîpeanu, Liliane Tasmowski, Andra Vasilescu, Ion Giurgea and Rodica Zafiu
    Chapter 6. Genitive DPs and pronominal possessors
    Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Isabela Nedelcu and Ion Giurgea
    Chapter 7. The adjective
    Alexandra Cornilescu and Ion Giurgea
    Chapter 8. Adnominal prepositional phrases
    Alexandru Mardale, Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin and Ion Giurgea
    Chapter 9. Adnominal non-finite constituents and complement clauses
    Elena Soare and Rodica Zafiu
    Chapter 10. Relative Clause Constructions and unbounded dependencies
    Alexander Grosu
    Chapter 11. Deverbal nouns
    Alexandra Cornilescu, Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Ion Giurgea, Elena Soare and Camelia Stan
    Chapter 12. Proper names
    Mihaela Miron-Fulea, Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin and Ion Giurgea
    Chapter 13. Classifier and qualitative binominal constructions
    Mihaela Tănase-Dogaru, Ion Giurgea and Ruxandra Vişan
    Chapter 14. Appositions and juxtaposed nouns
    Raluca Brăescu and Ion Giurgea
    Chapter 15. Vocatives
    Blanca Croitor and Virginia Hill
    Chapter 16. Nominal inflection
    Ion Giurgea