A morphological lexicon for the Persian language

TitreA morphological lexicon for the Persian language
Publication TypeManuscrit
Année de publication2010
AuthorsSagot, Benoît, and Géraldine Walther
Series Title7th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC’10)
CityLa Valette, Malte


We introduce PerLex, a large-coverage and freely-available morphological lexicon for the Persian language. We describe the main features of the Persian morphology, and the way we have represented it within the Alexina formalism, on which PerLex is based. We focus on the methodology we used for constructing lexical entries from various sources, as well as the problems related to typographic normalisation. The resulting lexicon shows a satisfying coverage on a reference corpus and should therefore be a good starting point for developing a syntactic lexicon for the Persian language.