Professeur invité

Conférences Shravan Vasishth

Place: bâtiment ODG, salle 268, de 16h à 18h

Shravan Vasishth (University of Potsdam)
Advanced statistical analysis for empirical/experimental linguistics

Linear mixed models are the tool of choice in psycholinguistics. With the arrival of probabilistic progamming languages like JAGS and Stan, it has become possible to fit fairly complex linear mixed models in a Bayesian setting. My goal in these four lectures will be to provide a practical introduction of  Bayesian linear mixed models; the focus will be on the analysis of psycholinguistic data. I will cover the following topics:

  • October, 7th : Review of Linear Mixed Models, and introduction to Bayes' Theorem
  • October, 9th : A short review of Bayesian modeling
  • October, 14th : Fitting and evaluating Bayesian LMMs in Stan
  • October, 16th : Some practical issues and real-life examples