Word Order Correlates

Jeudi 21 Juin 2018, 16:00 to 18:00
Edward Keenan (UCLA, invité Labex EFL)
Heather Burnett (LLF)

ODG – Salle 311

Edward Keenan (UCLA)
Word Order Correlates

VF (Verb Final):  OV (Object+Verb) in pragmatically neutral simplex sentences.  Most common type: SOV, rare OVS.  Such Ls contrast with VI (Verb Initial):  Most common type VSO but some VOS.  Correlates: Pre-/Post- position (joy-with vs with joy), Possessum/Possessor (father of this boy vs this boy’s father); suffixal/prefixal verbal morphology (verb / Tense/Aspect/Mood).  Main V /Modal (able)/Aspect (begin)/Intent (try)/Desire (want).  Correlates with case marking systems, position of subordinate and coordinate conjunctions, resumptive pronouns, verb second. 


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