Nouvelles approches de la typologie des systèmes flexionnels

Vendredi 16 Novembre 2018, 09:30 to 17:30
Sebastian Fedden (Paris 3)

University of Chicago Center in Paris – 6 rue Thomas Mann – 75013 Paris

9h30-9h50 Bienvenue

9h50-10h00 Sebastian Fedden
10h00-11h00 Greville G. Corbett
External splits

11h00-11h30 Pause

11h30-12h00 Olivier Bonami & Sacha Beniamine
The segmentation problem in inflection
12h00-12h30 Jean Léo Léonard
A Survey of the SFEL (Southern Finnish, Estonian and Livonian) Dialect Continuum According To Implicational Parameter Networks. Nominal Inflection
12h30-13h00 Berthold Crysmann & Alain Kihm
Deriving reversal in Old French nominal inflection

13h00-14h30 Déjeuner

14h30-15h00 Enrique Palancar
Disentangling the tonal inflection of verbs in Amuzgo (Oto-Manguean; Mexico)
15h00-15h30 Matteo Pellegrini
The impact of derivational relatedness on inflectional predictions in Latin verb paradigms

15h30-16h00 Pause

16h00-16h30 Gilles Authier
Différents degrés de complexité en caucasique de l'Est
16h30-17h00 Tatiana Nikitina
Frequency effects on inflection in Russian
17h00-17h30 Louise Esher
Lexical type frequency and the visibility of metamorphomes