Acceptability, Decision-making and Parsing (4/4)

Mardi 11 Juin 2019, 16:00 to 18:00
Brian Dillon (Amherst, invité Labex EFL)
Ewan Dunbar (LLF)

LLF – Bât. ODG – 5e étage – Salle Laplanche (576)

Brian Dillon (University of Massachusetts – Amherst)
Acceptability, Decision-making and Parsing

We will continue our discussion of the DDM, focusing on practical aspects of fitting the diffusion model. Students should come prepared to do hands-on analysis of data using the fast-DM software.


  • Chen, S. & Husband, M. (2018). Comprehending anaphoric presuppositions involves memory retrieval too. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 3(44), 1-11.