Séminaire Daniel Lassiter (Stanford)

Le Labex EFL accueille à partir du 25 novembre 2019 le professeur Daniel Lassiter (Stanford) pour une série de quatre séminaires sur le thème Modals, conditionals, and probabilistic generative models. Sauf indication contraire, toutes les séances se dérouleront de 16h à 18h en salle 533 au LLF (bât. ODG, 5e étage).

Abstract : This lecture series focuses on the role of probabilistic generative models, especially causal models, in natural language semantics and reasoning. The use of causal models suggests new solutions to several difficult empirical problems in these domains, and revive neglected points of interface between model-theoretic semantics and process-oriented theories of meaning that have been explored in cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence.