Towards the score of communication

TitreTowards the score of communication
Publication TypeArticle dans des actes
Année de la conférence2020
AuthorsLücking, Andy, and Jonathan Ginzburg
Nom de la conférenceProceedings of The 24th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue
Series TitleSemDial/WatchDial

The exchange of verbal and non-verbal com- munication signals in face-to-face dialogue is complexly organised in several ways: each contribution is produced and processed incre- mentally, contributions may be consecutive (e.g. question-answer pairs) or overlapping (e.g. backchannelling), and the contributions themselves may be multimodal. Contributions nonetheless exhibit pairwise utterance coher- ence, and in two respects: across tiers and across discourse co-texts. For these reasons, we propose to distribute dialogue agents across different tiers and to ‘incrementalize’ the se- quential notion of turns according to the model of music-inspired communication scores