Superlatives reading group

Vendredi 19 Mars 2021, 17:00
Carmen Sorin (LLF)

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Karen De Clercq, Pavel Caha et Guido Wyngaerd
The Fine Structure of the Comparative

The presentation presents evidence for a more articulated structure of the comparative as compared with the one in Bobaljik (2012). We propose to split up Bobaljik's cmpr head into two distinct heads, C1 and C2. Looking at Czech and English, we show that this proposal explains a range of facts about suppletion, allomorphy and their interaction with negation. A crucial ingredient of our analysis is the claim that adjectival roots are not a-categorial, but spell out different amounts of functional structure. In order to correctly model the competition between roots, we introduce a Faithfulness Restriction on Cyclic Override, which allows us to dispense with the Elsewhere Principle.