Requesting clarifications with speech and gestures

TitreRequesting clarifications with speech and gestures
Publication TypeArticle dans des actes
Année de la conférence2021
AuthorsGinzburg, Jonathan, and Andy Lücking
Nom de la conférenceBeyond Language: Multimodal Semantic Representations
Series TitleMMSR I
Conference LocationVirtual at the University of Groningen, held in conjuction with IWCS 2021

In multimodal natural language interaction both
speech and non-speech gestures are involved in
the basic mechanism of grounding and repair.
We discuss a couple of multimodal clarifica-
tion requests and argue that gestures, as well as
speech expressions, underlie comparable paral-
lelism constraints. In order to make this precise,
we slightly extend the formal dialogue frame-
work KoS to cover also gestural counterparts
of verbal locutionary propositions.