PHC Parrot final workshop

Vendredi 28 Octobre 2022, 09:45 to 15:00
Lisa Brunetti (LLF)

Université Paris Cité – Bât. ODG – 8e étage – Salle 830

9:45-10 Welcome coffee

10-10:30 Celle Agnès and Maud Pélissier (UPC, CLILLAC-ARP)
C’est quoi and qu’est-ce que as surprise questions: a perception study

10:30-11 Eva Liina Asu (U. Tartu), Heete Sahkai (Institute of the Estonian Language, Tallinn)
The prosody of Estonian surprise questions: summary of the main project results

11-11:30 Anu Treikelder (U. Tartu)
Comparative corpus studies of French and Estonian how-questions in surprise context: results and perspectives

11:30-14 lunch break

14-14:30 Brunetti Lisa (UPC, LLF), Jan Fliessbach (U. Potsdam) & Hiyon Yoo (UPC, LLF)
On the discourse functions of a non-canonical question in French and Spanish

14:30-15 Lucia Tovena, Damien Fleury (UPC, LLF)
Reason questions with French comment: issues around their discourse role