Query responses

TitreQuery responses
Publication TypeArticle de revue
Année de publication2017
Authorsupkowski, Paweł Ł., and Jonathan Ginzburg
JournalJournal of Language Modelling
Other Numbershttps://doi.org/10.15398/jlm.v4i2.173

In this article we consider the phenomenon of answering a query with a query. Although such answers are common, no large scale, corpus-based characterization exists, with the exception of clarification requests. After briefly reviewing different theoretical approaches on this subject, we present a corpus study of query responses in the British National Corpus and develop a taxonomy for query responses. We point at a variety of response categories that have not been formalized in previous dialogue work, particularly those relevant to adversarial interaction. We show that different response categories have significantly different rates of subsequent answer provision. We provide a formal analysis of the response categories in the framework of KoS.