Voice mismatch and contrast in French RNR

TitreVoice mismatch and contrast in French RNR
Publication TypeArticle de revue
Année de publication2023
AuthorsAbeillé, Anne, Aoi Shiraishi, and Barbara Hemforth
JournalJournal of Linguistics
Mots-cléscontrast, ellipsis, French, Passive, reflexive, Right-Node Raising, voice mismatch

Right-Node Raising is generally considered to impose stricter identity conditions than other kinds of ellipsis, such as VP ellipsis, according to Hankamer & Sag 1976 and Hardt 1993. In this paper, we investigate voice mismatch in French Right-Node Raising (RNR) through a corpus study and two experiments. We show that RNR with voice mismatch can be found in a written corpus (frTenTen 2012) and that many examples involve coordination of a reflexive active and a short passive form. We suggest this is because semantic contrast (here, between self and external agent) plays a role according to Hartmann (2000) and Abeillé and Mouret (2010). We ran two acceptability judgement experiments to test voice mismatch and semantic contrast. We did not find any penalty for voice mismatch with VP ellipsis but an interaction with semantic contrast. We also found an effect of semantic contrast when coordinating an active and a passive VP without participle ellipsis. We conclude that voice mismatch is acceptable with RNR and propose a Head-driven Phrase-Structure Grammar (HPSG) ana- lysis, following Chaves (2014) and Shiraïshi et al. (2019).