Modelling the dynamics of evolving morphology (4/4)

Vendredi 14 Avril 2023, 11:00 to 13:00
Erich Round (Surrey, invité Labex EFL)
Olivier Bonami (LLF)

Université Paris Cité – Bât. ODG – 1e étage – Salle 531

Erich Round (Université de Surrey)
Modelling morphology 2: The evolutionary consequences of analogy

Session 4 takes up morphological change, and the questions: how can modelling assist us in evaluating hypotheses about cognition against evidence from diachronic and synchronic typology; and conversely, what can diachronic and synchronic typology tell us about cognition, via the medium of modelling? How certain or skeptical should we be about the state-of-the-art? And what lies ahead in this field?