Low-level segmental and suprasegmental phonetic complexity in typical and atypical speech (3/4)

Vendredi 07 Juin 2024, 12:00 to 14:00
Johan Verhoeven (invité Labex, City University of London)
Jalal Al-Tamimi (LLF)

Sorbonne Nouvelle Université – Maison de la Recherche – Salle du conseil

Johan Verhoeven (City University of London)
Phonetic characteristics of Foreign Accent Syndrome

This lecture will discuss the phonetic characteristics of Foreign Accent Syndrome on the basis of an exhaustive inventory of all the patients with FAS that have been reported so far. The collected evidence reveals that FAS correlates with clear changes in articulatory setting towards fortition (in some speakers) or lenition (in others). It will be discussed how some of these phonetic characteristics can be used to distinguish clinically between different types of FAS.