David Felipe Guerrero-Beltran



Status : PhD student

Address :

LLF, CNRS – UMR 7110
Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7
Case 7031 – 5, rue Thomas Mann,
75205 Paris cedex 13

Phone number : (+33)0686499889

E-mail : qsthreerebo@hany.rqh.pb

Resume : David Felipe Guerrero-Beltran_en.pdf (376 Ko)

Domains :
  La phrase

Axis :
  Linguistique descriptive et de terrain

General presentation

I am a Doctoral Fellow at the Université de Paris and the University of Melbourne. My work concentrates on the documentation and grammatical analysis of Amazonian and Australian languages from both typological and formal approaches.

Since 2014, I have worked with the Carijona people, an indigenous group from the Northwest Amazonia, on the documentation and description of their native language, covering topics such as verbal, nominal, and postpositional morphosyntax,  and the grammar of space. 

My doctoral project focuses on the semantics of Tense, Aspect, and Modality in Gu-jingaliya, a non-Pama-Nyungan language from Northern Australia.

Main research interests: Anthropological linguistics, Theoretical linguistics, Linguistic Documentation, Community-based methodologies.


Title : Tense, Aspect, and Mode in Gu-jingaliya, a Maningrida Language from Northern Australia

Supervision :
  Patrick Caudal
  Brett Baker

Inscription : 2020 à Paris 7

Abstract :

For a long time, the concept of Time has intrigued thinkers from different disciplines. In linguistics, the question about how Time is shaped and represented through language is unavoidable. In particular, how languages differ from each other in terms of the way they categorize temporal notions and which role those notions play in people’s communication and worldview. Following this path, this research will study the linguistic expression of temporality (Tense, Aspect, and Modality) in Gu-jingaliya, a Maningrida language from the Arnhem Land (Northern Territory, Australia). It will analyse the grammatical, semantic, and discursive dimensions of temporality in the language from the theoretical and methodological approaches of formal semantics and anthropological linguistics.