Projets en cours

Empirical Foundations of Linguistics (2011-2025)

Labex EFL
Responsable : Barbara Hemforth
Responsable  Axe 2: Experimental grammar in a cros linguistic perspective, Anne Abeillé
(Co)responsable  Axe 4: Language processing in a life span perspective, Carla Soares-Jesel
(Co)responsable Axe 5 : Computational semantics, Benoit Crabbé

Projets CNRS

Formal/Experimental Methods and In-depth Description of Australian Indigenous
Languages (2021-2025)

FEMIDAL – International Research Project
Responsable : Patrick Caudal
Financement : CNRS

Projets ANR


Projets européens

Formal Models of Social Meaning and Identity Construction through Language (2020-2025)

ERC Starting Grant N° 850539

Responsable : Heather Burnett
Participants LLF : Julie Abbou, Alexander Martin, Quentin Dénigot, Yiming Liang
Financement : CE

Autres projets

Understanding Response Systems in Natural Languages: An Empirical and Experimental Study (2022-2025)

Responsable : Jong-Bok Kim (Kyung Hee U., Seoul)
Financement : National Research Foundation of Korea
Participant·es LLF : Anne Abeillé, Ira Nowek, Jonathan Ginzburg