PhD defended


  • The dynamics of periphrases from a Romance perspective: progressive/proximative periphrases and avertivity in Romanian
  • Characterizing the Response Space of Questions in Dialogue across Languages


  • The Role of Socio-conversational Strategies in Task-Oriented Dialogues in the Case of Peer-Tutoring Interactions: A Focus on Off-Task Talk and Hedges
  • Quantitative Syntax, Formal Syntax and Information Theory: bridging gaps by studying French variation
  • The morphosyntax of French complex predicates: clitic climbing and periphrasis
  • Transfer phenomena in the acquisition of grammatical gender in French as a second language
  • Does multilingual input help or hinder early language acquisition? A computational modelling approach
  • The paradigmatic organisation of morphological knowledge


  • Sentence embeddings and their relation with sentence structures
  • Phonological contrast and feature inventories in sign language: A study on French Sign Language (LSF)