Séminaire Andrea Sims

Andrea Sims

L'UFR de linguistique accueille au mois de juin la professeure Andrea Sims de l'Ohio State University pour une série de quatre conférences sur les Systems-oriented morphology :

This lecture series examines an approach to morphological theory and typology that I call ‘systems-oriented morphology’. A philosophical approach within the abstractive Word-and-Paradigm framework, systems-oriented morphology takes as its starting point local interactions among elements in a morphological system, seeking to understand how system-level organization emerges from these local interactions, often in the context of principles of learning and cognitive organization. The four talks will explore different aspects of these interactions, focusing especially on inflectional structure. The first talk will serve as an introduction to the approach.


Toutes les conférences se tiendront à l'université Paris-Diderot, bâtiment ODG, en salle 357.