Late insertion and root suppletion

TitleLate insertion and root suppletion
Publication TypeArticle de revue
Année de publication2021
AuthorsWyngaerd, Guido Vanden, Karen De Clercq, and Pavel Caha
JournalRevista Virtual de Estudos da Linguagem (ReVEL)
KeywordsCzech, distributed morphology, Korean, late insertion, Latin, nanosyntax, Suppletion

This article proposes a Nanosyntactic Late-Insertion approach to root suppletion.

We show that this theory allows us to account for root suppletion

within a strictly modular theory of grammar, which makes no syntactic distinction

between different roots. As a starting point, we first focus on the

architectural difficulties that arise for a modular theory of roots in the Distributed

Morphology approach. We then show how Nanosyntax circumvents

these problems, and address two potential empirical issues for the Nanosyntactic

treatment (multiple exponence and locality), showing that they in fact

provide support for the approach proposed.