A sociolinguistic perspective on contact-induced language change (从社会语言学角度看语言接触引起的语言演变)

TitleA sociolinguistic perspective on contact-induced language change (从社会语言学角度看语言接触引起的语言演变)
Publication TypeCommunication
Année de publication2022
AuthorsSaillard, Claire
Titre de la conférenceSymposium on Language Contact in Northern China and the Historical Evolution of Chinese
Date de publication03/2022
Lieu de la conférenceCRLAO (EHESS/CNRS), Paris

In this talk, I will present concepts and models that will be used in order to better understand the sociolinguisic conditions which allowed language change in Northern China, bith historically and synchronically. I propose that these models, especially the « Optimization strategies framework » proposed by Muysken (2013) may allow us to bridge the gap between present-day language contact situations leading to language change in the region and documented historical changes for which we know little about the sociolinguistic situations that caused them.

在本讲座中,我将介绍一些概念和模型,以便更好地理解中国北方的社会语言条件如何使中国北方的语言在历史上和在当今时代进行演变。我建议这些模型,特别是Muysken2013)提出的 "优化策略框架",可以让我们弥合导致该地区语言演变的当今语言接触情况和有记录的历史语言演变之间的差距,因为我们对造成这些演变的社会语言状况知之甚少。