Invitée UFR : Ruth Kramer

Ruth Kramer

L'UFR de linguistique et le LLF ont le plaisir de recevoir, du 10 juin au 15 juillet, la professeure Ruth Kramer de l'Université Georgetown de Washington. Elle donnera une série de quatre conférences sur le thème The Morphology, Syntax, and Phonology of Grammatical Gender Assignment.


This course takes a close look at grammatical gender assignment, with a special focus on gender assignment based on phonology. We begin with an overview of how languages assign gender, identifying broad typological generalizations and investigating how those generalizations are best encoded in morphological and syntactic theory. We will discuss how semantic and morphological properties are commonly used for gender assignment across languages, debate the existence of arbitrary gender assignment, and review major morphological and syntactic theories of gender assignment. Then we zoom in on phonological gender assignment, which is of particular interest because it is difficult to model in non-lexical theories of morphosyntax that assume phonological information is not available until late in the derivation. We will likely discuss the results of a preliminary typological survey of languages with phonological gender assignment, and also work through several case studies of phonological gender assignment in particular languages, potentially including Afar(Cushitic), Guébie (Kru), Hausa(Chadic), and French. The goal of this latter part of the course is to critically investigate phonological gender assignment as a way to distinguish between lexical and non-lexical theories of morphosyntax.


Les conférences se tiendront en salle 153 du bâtiment Olympe de Gouges à l'université Paris Cité, campus des Grands Moulins.