Project led by: Jean-Marie Marandin, Barbara Hemforth

The Rep Task protocol consists in asking speakers to “replicate” a previously recorded and transcribed spontaneous conversation.

To date, there are three available corpora:

  1. Rep Task Small talk
    Laurens, Marandin, Patin and Yoo 2011
    Object: prosodic differences between spontaneous speech in a semi-natural setting and laboratory speech.
  2. Rep Task Microfusées
    Laurens and Patin 2008
    Object: prosodic realization of left and right dislocation in French.
  3. Rep Task Interpreted speech
    Godement-Berline (to appear)
    Object: prosodic highlighting in French and influence of type of speech (spontaneous, read, interpreted) on its realization.

Studies based on the Rep Task protocol

  • Laurens, F., J.-M. Marandin, C. Patin and H. Yoo (2011), « The Used and the Possible. The Use of Elicited Conversations in the study of Prosody », in Yoo, H. & E. Delais-Roussarie (eds), Proceedings of IDP 2009 (Prosody-Discourse Interface), Sept. 9-11, 2009, Paris, France, ISSN 2114-7612, pp. 239–257.
  • Laurens, F., and C. Patin (2008), « Dislocation gauche et droite : premières observations ». Pro-Gram Seminar, Paris Diderot University, Nov. 28, 2008.
  • Godement-Berline, R. (submitted), « Using a replication task to study prosodic highlighting », in Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2016, May 30-June 3, 2016, Boston, USA.
  • Godement-Berline, R. (to appear), La focalisation prosodique dans la parole interprétée en français. PhD dissertation. Paris Diderot University.