Semantic similarity and event categorization

Lundi 09 Avril 2018, 16:00 to 18:00
Jean-Pierre Koenig (Université de Buffalo, invité Labex EFL)
Anne Abeillé (LLF)

ODG – Salle 357

Jean-Pierre Koenig (Université de Buffalo)
Semantic similarity and event categorization

This lecture looks at our recent research on the categorization of events below the verb sense (what we call micro-senses). We have used rating studies and experimental techniques to determine (1) whether speakers can categorize events on the basis of similarity of event participant properties below lexicographic entries (they do!) and (2) make hypotheses about what the bases of these micro-sense event categories are. We have tried to determine whether clustering (of sentences) based on computational measures of similarity of event participants (e.g., Latent Semantic Analysis) approximate human classification (they kinda do!).

Diaporama (PDF, 1 Mo)


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