Invité Labex EFL : Erich Round

Erich Round

Le Laboratoire de linguistique formelle accueille du 20 mars au 14 avril le professeur Erich Round (Université de Surrey), spécialiste de la modélisation du changement linguistique en phonologie et en morphologie. Il donnera une série de quatre conférences sur le thème Modelling the dynamics of evolving morphology :

As the empirical foundations of linguistic research become secure, linguists are increasingly adopting modelling approaches to uncover the implications of linguistic diversity for questions of the human mind and the dynamics of language change. A key claim of modern modelling approaches is that they offer new avenues for tackling important theoretical questions in a scientifically principled manner. Accordingly, this course shines a light on the foundations of modern modelling, including the increasingly ubiquitous Bayesian probabilistic methods. With a special empirical focus on morphological paradigms, it explains and critiques how these methods are applied to questions of language in the mind and the dynamics of language change.

By attending this course, participants will sharpen their ability to critique the logical underpinnings, implementations and interpretations of modern modelling research, and thereby to engage more actively with this emerging source of new explanations for linguistic diversity, usage and change.