Anne Abeillé – Enseignements

1er semestre

  1. Master 1 Nouvelles theories syntaxiques New syntactic theories
    Mardi 15h15-17h45 cours +TD
    Le cours presente le modèle HPSG (docannales 2009annales 2010)

Second semestre

  1. Licence Découverte et bi-licence Lettres-SDL : Redécouvrir la grammaire du français Bibliographie Polycopié Sujet examen janvier 2011 Sujet examen juin 2011
  2. Licence 3 La grammaire du français
  3. Théories syntaxiques (GB et LFG)
  4. Master Advanced Experimental Syntax
  5. PhD and Master (with  Barbara Hemforth) Readings in Experimental Grammar
    Lectures en linguistique expérimentale 2016,Vendredi 14h30-16h30 salle 533, 2017

Course Constraint-based Syntax and semantics (with J-P. Koenig): LSA summer institute UC Davies 2019

Experimental approach to ellipsis (with G Bilbiie): LSA summer institute 2017

Course on the Typology of ellipsis (A. Abeillé, European Summer school in Linguistic Typology, 2016)

1. Anaphora and ellipsis ; 2. Verb ellipsis: gapping and stripping; 3. Sluicing and sprouting; 4. Peripheral ellipsis (RNR)

Syntax of Romance Languages (A. Abeillé & D. Godard, Bucharest, 1-5 April 2002)

  1. Restructuring Verbs in Italian and Spanish Version rtf
  2. Tense Auxiliaries in French and Spanish Version .doc
  3. Copular Constructions in Romance Languages Version .doc
  4. French Adverbs : an Alternative to Functional Projections Version .doc

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