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Bonami, Olivier, and Gilles Boyé. "Paradigm uniformity and the French gender system." In Perspectives on morphology: Papers in honour of Greville G. Corbett, edited by Matthew Baerman, Oliver Bond and Andrew Hippisley, 171-192. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2019.PDF icon BonamiBoye19.pdf (702.52 KB)
Bonami, Olivier, and Berthold Crysmann. "Lexeme and flexeme in a formal theory of grammar." In The Lexeme in Descriptive and Theoretical Morphology, edited by Olivier Bonami, Gilles Boyé, Georgette Dal, Hélène Giraudo and Fiammetta Namer, 175-202. Berlin: Language Science Press, 2018.
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Bonami, Olivier, Gilles Boyé, and Jesse Tseng. An integrated analysis of French liaison In Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Formal Grammar, Edited by Paola Monachesi, Gerhard Jäger, Gerald Penn and Shuly Wintner. Stanford: CSLI Publications, 2014.
Bonami, Olivier, Gilles Boyé, and Fabiola Henri. Measuring inflectional complexity: French and Mauritian In Workshop on Quantitative Measures in Morphology and Morphological Development. San Diego, 2011.PDF icon SanDiego-BBH-slides-v3.pdf (654.27 KB)
Bonami, Olivier, and Gilles Boyé. "La morphologie flexionnelle est-elle une fonction ?" In Typologie et comparatisme, hommage offert à Alain Lemaréchal, edited by Injoo Choi-Jonin, Marc Duval and Olivier Soutet, 21-35. Leuven: Peeters, 2010.PDF icon BonamiBoye.pdf (211.74 KB)
Bonami, Olivier, and Gilles Boyé. Opaque paradigms, transparent forms: Nepali conjugation In 5th Workshop on Theoretical Morphology. Lutherstadt Wittenberg, 2010.PDF icon Nepali-LL-100620.pdf (271.35 KB)
Bonami, Olivier, Gilles Boyé, and Françoise Kerleroux. "L'allomorphie radicale et la relation flexion-construction." In Aperçus de morphologie du français, edited by Bernard Fradin, Françoise Kerleroux and Marc Plénat, 103-125. Saint-Denis: Presses de l'Université de Vincennes, 2009.PDF icon BBK-Vincennes06.pdf (396.81 KB)
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Bonami, Olivier, and Gilles Boyé. Subregular defaults in French conjugation In 12th International Morphology Meeting. Budapest, 2006.
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Bonami, Olivier, and Gilles Boyé. Suppletion and stem dependency in inflectional morphology In The Proceedings of the HPSG '01 Conference, Edited by Franck Van Eynde, Lars Hellan and Dorothee Beerman. Stanford: CSLI Publications, 2002.