Noam Faust

Ancien doctorant

Status : Teaching Fellow

Address :

Department of Linguistics
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

E-mail : abnzsnhfgvfabg@tznvy.pbz

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General presentation

I'm a linguist. Welcome to my web page. I was born in Jerusalem in 1978, and have continued breathing ever since. This web page will  present the consequences of that brave - albeit effortless - decision on my part.

I graduated in November 2011. In the academic year of 2012-13, I will be teaching Morphology and Phonology in the Hebrew Uiversity of Jerusalem, where I started studying linguistics. My fields of interst are phonology, morphology and their interface with syntax.

When I was growing up, my father always told me I had to say :

                    ten        li        et        ha -  mélax
                    give   dat1sg   acc     def  salt        'give me the salt'
and not :
                    tavi        li       et        ha -  mélax
                    bring   dat1sg   acc     def  salt        'bring me the salt'

claiming that one should respect the difference between bringing and giving, because it is only the former which requires significant movement on behalf of the giver/bringer.

It was probably this type of petty bickering that made me feel great freedom when, In the linguistics department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, they told me that as a native speaker, anything I say is right.

I have been a linguist ever since, to the dismay of many.

Marrying a French girl brought me to Paris, and eventually to meet my directeur de thèse, Jean Lowenstamm. That was a good thing.