Séminaire Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon (University of Massachusetts – Amherst, invité Labex EFL)
Acceptability, Decision-making and Parsing

In this seminar we will ask: where does an acceptability judgment come from? I will introduce two different perspectives on this question, borrowing frameworks for modeling decisionmaking under uncertainty from cognitive psychology. These models realize formal linking hypotheses between linguistic processing and acceptability judgments, and in the context of these linking hypotheses, offer unique insight into the underlying linguistic processing that acceptability judgments reflect. One goal of this seminar will be to give EFL students a chance to apply these models in the context of their own research. Outside of the seminar, I will spend some time with students to help them to find an insightful way to apply these techniques to their own research.


Toutes les séances se dérouleront à l'université Paris-Diderot, bâtiment Olympe de Gouges, salle Laplanche (576), de 16h à 18h.